Senate allocates funds to purchase 22 senator jackets

Senate has a current budget of $8,646.40 in unallocated funds. In allocated unspent funds, Senate has a budget of $163,421.33.
Senate also discussed the matter of incentives for senators as a method of recruitment in depth, concluding that senator jackets would be the best form of incentive in addition to the polos they already have. Senate allocated $1,320 towards the purchase of 22 embroidered jackets.
Senate also allocated $100 to buy snacks for an event at the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center. This event will be open to students, faculty, and the community.
In another matter, Senate president Carly Slaght asked Dale Grant, vice president of administration & finance, about opening the Brooks Hall parking lot to all students. The parking lot of Brooks is currently open to residents only even though the building is now closed.
CAB, co-sponsored with the Pit, is hosting a lip sync battle on Feb. 15. CAB is also hosting a Free Movie Night at 6:45 p.m., Feb. 18, at the Eagle Theatre. Students should continue to watch CAB’s Facebook and Twitter pages for the movie titles.
In another matter, the Spring Daze committee is at a stand-still, until their budget is approved by Senate.
Slaght also informed Senate of the standing of the water bottle filling stations. Tomorrow, she will be meeting with Physical Facilities Maintenance Repair Worker Jason Blandford to talk about the installation of the rest of the stations. The list buildings receiving stations will be in Andrews, Chicoine, Rangeland, Maintenance, and High Rise.
The Health and Well Being committee has received the feminine products that Senate ordered last week for the Feminine Hygiene Initiative. Senate allocated $1,580 last school year to purchase 4,800 feminine products which will be placed in the student center restrooms in the coming weeks.
Budget season has begun, and AFB has sent out the Budget and Trip packets to all students. The CAB meeting on Feb. 20 will be converted to a budget workshop to help students understand the process of budget hearings. Students are encouraged to bring an adviser and other club members who are interested in how the budget works. Budget hearings will be held March 19-22, and appeals will be held on March 26-27.
In another matter, applications for student trustee are due Feb. 9 by noon, to Pat Beu. Applications require three letters of recommendation, and a statement explaining why one would be the person for the job. Applications can be picked up in the Student Senate Office, as well as Crites Hall.
Student Trustee Ashley Goad brought to the attention of Senate several instances where the Student Center printer was out of paper. Senate brought the issue to the Campus Improvement Committee, who are working to find a solution.
Senate welcomed a new High-Rise senator named Elizabeth Rotherham, 19, of Drake, North Dakota.
Senate encouraged students to take time and complete all of the surveys that have been sent out in the past week.
In another matter, WCHR has a new location on campus, in the basement of Crites.

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