The Olympics create a world-wide unity

The Olympics are a great time for the world to come together for a common interest; supporting their country. While everyday sports’ coverage is arguably overkill, the Olympics provide a different light onto sports in the media.
The Olympics call for an excuse for athletes to train harder than ever before and fight for their place to represent the country that they love so much and call home. It’s also an opportunity for citizens to cheer on their athletes.
It’s a time to look past race, ethnicity, sexuality and color, especially here in the U.S., and to simply cheer on your country in one of the greatest times of the year.
Many will argue that regular, everyday sports get too much coverage as it is and the Olympics are only making it worse. However, they fail to realize all of the benefits that come from the world tuning in to watch the Olympics. And in most cases, people are rooting for their country, not individual athletes, creating a whole new feeling of patriotism and national identity.
It serves as an opportunity for the world to come together, in one location, at a mostly equal level. As athletes from all over the world join in one place, it gives people from all over the world a chance to get to know each other and compete. It creates a healthy and friendly competition because all athletes have a mutual respect for each other for the talent and training that it takes to get to this place.
Not only is the competition good, it’s also beneficial for people from other cultures to get to know each other. Coverage on other countries educates citizens about foreign cultures. Along with that, the athletes going home to talk about their competitors that they met, and people listen. It can bring more awareness to people all over the world for other cultures.
Lastly, it gives the world something positive to focus on for two weeks. Much of the negativity plaguing the news is silenced by loud cheering and the union of the world. Providing something for people to focus on that’s not negative news is an opportunity anyone should jump on.
When people come together, great things happen. Apply that to the world, and the possibilities are endless.
In a goal of world peace and all coming together, learning about cultures around the world and uniting for friendly competition is a good step towards that goal.

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