Lady Bird flops

If a movie is nominated for an Oscar it has to be a good one, right?
The film “Lady Bird” was nominated for several different awards at the Oscars on March 4, 2018, but does that actually make it a movie worth watching?
The film basically focuses upon a teenage girl, Lady Bird, navigating her way through life while struggling to get along with her mother.
Lady Bird, whose real name is actually Christine McPherson, is a senior in high school who is also applying to several colleges throughout the film. The movie is primarily deemed as both a comedy and drama.
Despite having the elements of a comedy and drama, I had several issues with the film.
For starters, the movie was very slow starting.
“Lady Bird” was somewhat dull. This film completely lacks a plot line. There was no clear rising action, climax, falling action or resolution. The ending in particular was disappointing for me.
Some people may enjoy films with no structure, but I do not. The film seemed all over the place.
There’s a silver lining to everything in life, including this film.
“Lady Bird” did offer some positive content as well. I really enjoyed the comical part of this movie. It helped lighten up the somewhat depressing aspect this film held.
My favorite part of “Lady Bird” was when the main character and her friend were caught eating the community wafers in the Catholic Church.
The film also could be viewed as inspiring for high school or college students since it was a coming-of-age story. The main character struggles to get along with her mother, struggles with her social life and struggles with the college application
process. She does overcome some of these obstacles and realizes more of her worth throughout the storyline.
The main character reaches for the stars when it comes to the colleges she applies for, which I think is something we all should do. People can definitely take away some positive life lessons from “Lady Bird.”
Overall, I would rate “Lady Bird” three stars out of five. The structure of the film was very poor, but the emotions expressed throughout the movie were impressive.
It was a decent production, but it didn’t deserve the number of Academy Award nominations it received.

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