Gregg Peterson balances academics and athletics while acting as president of Residence Life Association

Greggory Peterson, 22, senior of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, paves his own path as a leader, whether it is in class, athletics or as a Resident Adviser.
“I knew from about middle school that I wanted to go into healthcare,” Peterson said. “Coming into college I knew I wanted to go into a good health program, and when I came to Chadron, it just seemed like a good fit.”
Peterson is now a physical life science major at CSC with an option in chemistry and a minor in human biology.
Outside of the classroom, he is in the Health Professions Club on campus. He has also worked as an anatomy and physiology mentor, where he helps with labs and hosts a two-hour study session each week to help students.
While his involvement in the science department was contributing factor, a spot on the track team also brought Peterson to CSC.
Peterson graduated high school and was originally enrolled in college in Wyoming. The summer before his freshman year, he came to CSC as a long jumper recruit for track.
After being deemed “too big” for long jump, Peterson started competing in the “multi” events, like the decathlon and the heptathlon.
“I don’t like long jump as a single event now. It’s nice because I get to break up my practices. I mean, I have 10 separate events to practice for, so there’s a lot of variety,”
Peterson said. “I don’t do the same thing day to day, like a lot of the athletes do. I really get to mix things up on a regular basis.”
On top of his school work and athletics, Peterson is also president of the Residence Life Association and has been an RA for three years.
“I wanted to be an RA because I knew it was a good way to know a lot of people,” Peterson said. “I wanted to be in Kent at first. I thought I would be good with freshmen and able to help them build a sense of community. I like people, so I thought it would be a good way to meet new people and help with the transition into college and help them get to know new friends.”
Despite his busy schedule, Peterson has explored many hobbies.
In his home state of Colorado, Peterson enjoys hiking “14ers,” which is a mountain over 14,000 feet. He has hiked 16 out of the 58 14ers in Colorado, and hopes to hike the rest before he dies.
A passion Peterson has developed during his time at college is photography and filming.
“The passion has kind of grown as I progress through college. I took our photography class here and it taught me a lot and set me down the right path to learn a lot more about it,” Peterson said.
When asked what advice he would give to his freshman self, Peterson said, “I would just say be open and try everything because it is kind of shocking what you find that you love as you go through these stages in your life … [B]e open and don’t be shy. Get to know people and build up a network of people because it is a really cool experience.”

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