‘Downsizing’ offers a glimpse at a shrunken-down life

Many people may have heard of the movie “Honey I Shrunk the Kids,” which came out in the late 80s. This film features a father who accidentally shrinks his teenagers to the size of insects.
A more recent film, “Downsizing,” came out in 2017 and features people being shrunk to five inches – on purpose.
“Downsizing” centralizes its plot around giving people the option to live in a tiny world.
A scientist in the beginning of the film offers a way to save the planet by shrinking people to about five inches. He believes that this will help the world produce less pollution and waste.
People have the option to shrink or not. However, those who decide to shrink down become much wealthier, as their full-size money is worth much more in the tiny world.
People who were living in one-bedroom apartments in the real world or “big” world could afford mansions in the tiny world.
Many people in the film that were not happy with their real lives made the decision to shrink down to five inches.
The movie is deemed as a drama and science fiction film.
The scientific process that people must go through to be shrunk is intriguing.
The drama part of the movie focused on problems that the main character encountered throughout the journey of being shrunk.
I thought that “Downsizing” also could be categorized as a romance. The main character encountered hard love lessons, but happy love moments as well.
Humor was another genre I believe the film encompassed. Several comical moments are presented in the film that lightens up the mood.
One of my favorite parts of the film is when the main character is first experiencing being shrunken down.
The main character is asked if he is hungry, and then he is offered a saltine cracker. Because of his tiny size, the saltine cracker is bigger than him.
The film involved several different genres and mulled them together nicely.
One of the best parts of the movie is that it has so many teaching moments. It teaches us to be helpful and find our place in the world.
It also teaches us that all we really have in this world is the comfort of other people.
But, the best part of this movie may have been that Matt Damon plays the main character.
Overall, the movie was somewhat entertaining. The idea behind the tiny world was intriguing and entertaining.
I liked that it showcased several different genres in one film. The teaching moments of “Downsizing” really left watchers with things to think about in their daily lives, especially in appreciating what you have.
I would probably rate the film four and a half out of five stars.
I would suggest giving this film a try, especially with its comedic elements and ability to cross into several genres and incorporate life lessons into the plot.

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