Fighting for the Crown

hadron State crowned Devin Fulton and Torri Brumbaugh as Mr. and Mrs. Spring Days, Thursday in the Ballroom.
Fulton, 21, sophomore of Glenrock, Wyoming, and Brumbaugh, 20, junior of Gering, were a part of eight contestants in the Mr. and Mrs. Spring Days pageant, including five men and three women.
The competition began with introductions, led by hosts Katherine O’Boyle, 22, senior of Gering, and John Murphy, 21, senior of Harrison. O’Boyle and Murphy read interesting facts about the contestants as they showcased their “90’s” themed outfits. They then had to answer questions and perform a talent for the audience and a table of seven judges.
The most interesting portion of the night, as expected, was the talent portion of the show. Talent is what helped distinguish the competitors.
Aaron Duin, 20, senior of Omaha, went first in the talent portion of the competition. Duin stripped to the 90’s song “Pony” by Ginuwine. Kayla Candelaria, 21, senior of Scottsbluff, danced to a Beyonce song and Caleb Haskell, 20, sophomore of Madison, did impersonations.
Rachel Mitchell, 21, junior of Riverton, Wyoming, recreated the viral Walmart yodeling video for the audience. Rulon Taylor, 23, junior of Curtis, did a card trick, Brumbaugh danced to a Britney Spears song, Johnathan Sayaloune, 22, senior of Scottsbluff, did a “cooking show,” and Fulton lip synced the song “Sweet Victory,” best known from the cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants.”
Mitchell said, “My favorite part of the competition was seeing all the different talents. I wasn’t really sure what everyone was doing, so it was pretty exciting.”
After the judges’ deliberation, Brumbaugh was crowned Mrs. Spring Days, but there was a tie between Fulton and Duin for the crown. After numerous dance battles and an arm wrestling contest, Fulton finally received his crown.
“Devin is a good friend of mine, but at that point, I had already put in a lot into the competition. I couldn’t give up the crown just yet,” Duin said.
The number of contestants in the Mr. and Mrs. Spring Days contest was less than last year’s, however, Sayaloune and Chaona Radtke, 21, junior of Sidney, said that attendance was higher. Radtke reported 141 in attendance. They initially planned for 100 to attend.
“This year’s competition was definitely more intense than last years, especially talent wise,” said Sayaloune, last year’s Mr. Spring Days, “We had less contestants than before, but they actually planned out their talent. Last year we took contestants from the crowd and this year no one came up.”
Both Mr. and Mrs. Spring Days received a $100 gift card and got to keep the crown to wear to the rest of the Spring Days activities.

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