Keep a positive mindset for upcoming finals

The end is in sight my friends! Finals are just around the corner, which means summer is almost here! I don’t know about you guys but I’m looking forward to the warm weather and adventures that summer is bound to bring. But between now and then are finals.
Today I am going to be sharing some tips to help keep you motivated and in a positive mindset to try and push through finals, and stress as little as possible.
I believe having a positive mindset is crucial if you want to achieve your goal. If your headspace is negative, it is harder to accomplish your goals. One of the best ways to stay positive during this stressful time is finding an optimistic point of view.
No one likes to write 10 page papers or take a 50 question exam. Finding a positive aspect about it might be easier than you think. One of the ways I do it is by finding something about the work I like.
For example, if I have to write a super long paper I try to find a topic I enjoy that I can focus on to make it more bearable. I also look for questions that I know a lot on. There might be a section you did really well in, so start with those questions.
Another way to keep a good mindset is putting yourself in a positive environment. If you’re studying in your room alone, maybe put on some music you like and remove distractions that might be in reach. Whether that be your phone, TV remote or game console controller, move it away from you. If you’re working with friends, try to encourage them and not distract them. Motivate each other and reduce negative comments.
You will be surprised by how much more you will get done if you encourage each other and not complain about how much you have to do and how much you don’t want to do it.
One final tip is to set goals with a reward for yourself at the end. There is nothing more motivating than saying once you get a certain assignment done that you can have a break.
Taking breaks after long or stressful assignments is great. Especially if you give yourself a treat at the end. You can go to the gas station with some friends and grab a slushie, play a round of volleyball with friends, go for a walk or watch an episode of something to unwind a bit.
I hope that these tips help you through the last few weeks of school. Encourage your friends and make the most of the time left of this semester. Have fun, do your best and stay positive my friends!

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