Theatre Department performs iconic play to close out season

Quick-witted, strong-willed women take the spotlight in “Steel Magnolias,” a sentimental southern play set in the 1980’s.
The play is set in Chinquapin, Louisiana, in Truvy’s Beauty Shop. Scene one introduces the audience to each character in the month of April as Truvy, played by Jennaya Hill, sophomore of Gordon, prepares Shelby, played by Kaitlynn Hessler, freshmen of Mitchell, and her mother M’Lynn, played by Mickenzy Loyd, sophomore of Big Piney Wyoming, for Shelby’s wedding.
Scene two is set in December, around the town’s major Christmas Festival, then the second act jumps a year and a half forward into June and ends in November.
Each scene revolves around major moments in Shelby’s life, especially because of her health. Shelby is diabetic and her complications due to her diabetes is a driving force behind the play.
The play can seem slow at times, but that is because of the stationary set and the lack of action in the script. The women come in and out of Truvy’s Beauty Shop to discuss the local town gossip and catch up on their lives. Although there is little action throughout the play, the wit and the humor that balance out the drama of the script keeps the audience intrigued.
Clairee, performed by Taylor Thies, sophomore of Rapid City, South Dakota, and Ouiser, performed by Shanie Hollenbeck, sophomore of Estelline, South Dakota, play a large role in the comedic relief throughout the show.
Both women are stubborn, sharp tongued and have huge hearts. They portray the classic southern woman and assist the play as supporting roles.
“These women are very quick-witted so you have to be very on top of the humor and understand how each joke must be played,” said Thies
“Steel Magnolias” is performed in the Black Box Theater, which helps you connect with the characters as opposed to the main stage.
The unique theater allows the audience to feel as though they are in the room with the six women. The audiences’ relationship with the characters grow as the characters’ friendship grows throughout the play. This makes the impact of the sorrowful ending even worse.
Friendship and comedy drive this heartfelt play throughout the weekend.
“Steel Magnolias” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with a 2 p.m. matinée on Sunday, in the Memorial Hall Black Box Theatre.
Tickets are free for CSC students, faculty and staff, but for others interested in attending, you may call 308-432-6207 or

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