Results for Senate election have been announced

Student Senate Elections closed noon, Friday, April 20. The results are as follows:
Leah Guerrero, 20, sophomore of Greeley, Colorado; Jessica Powell, 22, senior of Dalton; Brandon Smith, 19, freshmen of Alliance; Lelisse Umeta, 20, sophomore of Addis Ababa were elected as Senator at Large.
Chaona Radtke, 21, junior of Sidney was elected as School of E.H.P.C.P.S.W. Senator. Aaron Wood, 21, junior of Ogallala was elected as School of Liberal Arts Senator. Konnery Klueber, 20, sophomore of Rapid City, South Dakota was elected as Vice President. Lukas Klueber, 20, sophomore of Rapid City, South Dakota was elected as President.
Senate also elected Senator at Large Jessica Powell for Secretary and Senator at Large Lelisse Umeta for the position of Vice President of Finance.
Senate also elected Julia Elbert, 18, freshmen of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Senate has a budget of $135,513.25 in allocated unspent funds.
Senate allocated $3,500 to go toward a leadership training conference set to be scheduled sometime next year.
The last Free Bowling Night was deemed a success by CAB Representative Kimberly Hernandez.
“Last night we had our last Free Bowling Night of the semester. We had 72 people come, which was a pretty perfect number for how many lanes we had there,” Hernandez said.
In another matter, there are several cardboard boxes laying outside the Senate office at are free for students to take.
“You probably noticed when you came over that there are cardboard boxes sitting outside the Senate office. Please tell people that we have them. I figured if I put them out there, people would take them, but I want them gone,” President Carly Slaght said.
The Public Relations club would like to invite all CSC students to Memorial Hall on April 30 for a showing of the documentary “Angst.” There will be one showing at 1 p.m., and at 7 p.m. there will be a second showing.

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