Officials: Rewards app to spark student interest

CSC launched new rewards app Thursday designed to help maintain student engagement on campus after a busy Week of Welcome, Campus Activities Director Megan Northrup said.
The CSC Rewards app, otherwise known as SuperFanU, allows students to create their own user profile and compete against one another to earn a spot on the CSC Rewards leaderboard.
Each event will have a geotag and when students check in at an event they earn points. Those on the leaderboard and who gain enough points become eligible to win prizes.
“It’s to ensure that the hype from that first week carries on,” Northrup said. “I don’t think we lost students, but what we were hearing from students last year is that there was nothing going on and nothing to do, but they just weren’t aware of it.”
CSC had a guidebook in the past, but Northrup said she thinks that with staff changes and turnover it wasn’t updated and got lost.
Along with sparking incentive, the app is intended to trigger interaction between those hosting events and students attending them.
Another of the app’s features is Fan Polls, where students earn extra points for answering trivia questions or participating in a poll.
Students can also participate in the “fan cam” while at events. This feature is like Snapchat and Instagram combined, Northrup said, as it lets students take photos and write on them or put on filters. The pictures are then uploaded to the app and available for all other users to see and like the photo. The more likes on a photo, the higher it will appear in the app’s feed, letting users know what events are happening at that very moment.
“We want to make sure that they are interested and that (students) know what is going on, and that we’re keeping everyone up to date with student activities, athletics and academic things that are going on on campus,” Northrup said
While the app has a lot of possibilities, there is still exploring to do, she said.
“This is really new for us. There are certain things that we are trying to look into,” Northrup said. “That is why it was so important to get it rolling now, so that when the students started coming back, they (could) participate right away and earn rewards and prizes right away.”
Incoming students were introduced to the CSC Rewards app during Move-In. Although many said they were not aware of it, they also noted it was a good idea.
“I feel like it would get people involved if it ups your chances of getting free stuff,” said Madison Watson, 19, sophomore of Mitchell. “College students are very into that.”
Another student said she thought it would catch on in time.
“Within a few years, I think it will be successful. I feel like it takes a while for everyone to get to know it and use it,” Randee Thayer, 19, sophomore of Rapid City, said.

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