Think F1rst: know your five freedoms

In 2018, it seems difficult to find a balance between being over sensitive to the feelings of every person around you, while also exercising your First Amendment rights.
The First Amendment has been shoved aside to shield people from content they disagree with and find offensive. It has been attacked by the government, who seeks to limit the press.
Journalists are under attack. Open debate is looked down on, especially on college campuses. And most of all, students aren’t aware of their rights or the importance of the First Amendment.
“In the past few years, polls began to show that Americans lacked even a basic knowledge of the First Amendment, particularly in articulating the five freedoms that it guarantees. Not the interpretation of, but the actual knowledge of freedoms that Americans exercise nearly every day,” Craig Eckert, Media of Nebraska Board member, said. “In August of last year, a civics survey taken by the Annenberg Public policy Center showed nearly 4 in 10 students couldn’t name even one of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.”
The survey results should be shocking to all of us. They mean that 4 in 10 students don’t know their right to free speech. Students don’t understand the freedom they have to practice their religion, they don’t understand that without these freedoms there would be no press or media outlets to report the truth about government corruption, they don’t know why men and women across the nation are able to assemble in support of equality during the Women’s March, and they don’t know that it was the freedom to petition the government that introduced a policy allowing students to repay student loans based on income, rather than a standard 10-year repayment schedule.
The Annenberg survey, among others, inspired members of Media of Nebraska to begin a public awareness campaign called “Think F1rst,” about the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
In the past few years, people have been forced to censor their speech to keep from offending others, journalists have been attacked for telling the truth that exposes politicians, and hostility toward religion continues to increase.
Members of Media of Nebraska unveiled their campaign on June 28, during a news conference at the Nebraska State Capitol. The campaign began on July 4 and will run through Sept. 30 across statewide radio and television stations, newspapers and social media outlets.
“The purpose of “Think F1rst” is to encourage all Nebraskans to think about the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment: freedom of
religion, of speech, of the press, to peacefully assemble and to petition the government,” Nebraska Press Association’s Susan Watson stated. “The campaign will feature a farmer, a college student, a health care professional, a journalist and a pastor stating the various freedoms given to them under the First Amendment.”
In the following weeks, The Eagle will run each of the “Think F1rst” ads. It is important for CSC students and all college students to know their First Amendment rights, and to think and talk about how those rights are exercised and protected on college campuses.

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