On the Record with Dalton Holst

Q: You’re coming off a great redshirt freshman season, and into one where the team will be playing in a brand new stadium, what are your general thoughts about this upcoming season?
A: I’m really looking forward to (the season.) Obviously with the new stadium, but I’m really looking forward to how we’ve grown as an offense because we only lost two seniors last year. (Those seniors) provided a lot for us, but only losing two guys after a pretty decent year offensively, I think the coaching staff, and players especially, are expecting a lot out of our offense given our experience.
On defense, even though we lost a lot of players, I still feel like our defensive unit is really good. Every time we tie up with them in practice its always competitive.
I feel (overall) the expectations are pretty high for us.

Q: Chadron’s backfield is expected to be talented again this season, how do the running backs help you to be a better quarterback?
A: A lot of the time, even with some older guys, we have to communicate about what’s going on back there, where to line up and so on, and to have even our freshman step-up and know what they’re doing is great.
It takes a lot of pressure off the quarterback when you have guys like Stevann Brown and Kevin Coy back there who know what they’re doing. And not only those guys, but freshman – even the young guys that know what they’re doing – it takes a lot of pressure off the quarterback so we can focus on other aspects of the game. It’s great having experienced and intelligent running backs in the backfield.

Q: The natural transition from asking about the backfield is to ask about the receiver core. Do you have a favorite target among that group?
A: I couldn’t pick one, they’re all my friends and they’re all great guys, and they’re all used differently.
You’ve got big targets, you’ve got fast guys. It’s nice because I think we have a good combination of everything, but I couldn’t pick a favorite target.

Q: The team was 6-5 last year which is more wins than its enjoyed in some recent season, what is the discussion and atmosphere in the locker room going into this season?
A: I think how you have a great team is you put pressure on yourself, you don’t let people put pressure on you. I feel like our team expectations are high, you always want to do better than the previous year and the group before you. The seniors want to go out as having the best record of the past few years and I think that’s the standard we’re holding ourselves to.
The attitude in the locker room is we have to win, we need to win, and we expect to win. I think that’s what the coaching staff preaches and I think a lot of guys follow that philosophy.

Q: The team will be playing in a new stadium, in front of a new video scoreboard, will the new facilities be a distraction this season?
A: I really don’t think so. It’s still Elliott Field and it’s still the Con Marshall Press Box. We’re still playing at Chadron, we’re still playing for the community and the fans, and I feel like the only pressure is the pressure we put on ourselves.
We’re excited to have a brand new stadium that everyone likes, but at the end of the day we’re still playing football.

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