On the Bright Side: Tips to combat homesickness

No matter where you are in your college career, I think everyone gets homesick at one point or another. Some of us are farther from home than others. There are even some who would have to travel days to make it back home to see family or friends. It’s, unfortunately, a feeling we all experience. 

According to NBC News, 69 percent of first year college students report feeling homesick.

Personally, I get homesick more than I care to admit. I’m a huge family person. Although you may not be feeling homesick right now since it is only the second week of school, you might feel homesick sometime within the next few weeks. 

We might not be able to hop into a car and go see our parents when we feel homesick, but there might be a few other ways to combat that feeling and make college a little easier. Here are a few suggestions to try and prevent homesickness.

First and foremost, do not give yourself a hard time. Being homesick is not a weakness or a sign of emotional instability. It’s something that affects most students. Do not feel guilty about being homesick.

Another way to get your mind off  homesickness is by getting out of your room and hanging around friends or being a part of a club. Having a social outlet helps homesickness immensely. There are dozens of clubs and activities to participate on campus that can connect you to people and help get you involved. If you aren’t a club person, plan a study group or lunch once a week with your friends. By doing this, you’ll have something to look forward to and have people around you to lift your spirits.

If you are more of an introvert but still need some extra help getting out of your shell or need someone to talk to, find a teacher and see what resources are available on campus. There’s nothing wrong with trying to find another way to have an outlet. There are plenty of resources and faculty members that would be happy to help make you feel at home here. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Finally, stay positive. Trust me, I know that can be difficult sometimes. The good thing about trying to stay positive is that you are essentially telling yourself that you will make it. We all have our ups and downs and that is okay. But you do not want to get stuck in a down place for too long. Write yourself positive little messages on sticky notes and put them around your room. Give yourself a pep talk or plan to watch your favorite movie. Making the effort to be positive will more than likely help keep the homesickness at bay.

I hope that if you are struggling that you will let someone know. Whether it’s your RA or a teacher or a friend, there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re homesick. There are always people around you who want to see you succeed and be comfortable at your home away from home. Have a fantastic week Eagles!

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