On Deck: with cowboy Kalane Anders

Q: You’ve had a really great summer, but I’d like to start at the beginning. What drew you to steer wrestling?

A: It took a couple years, and I was wanting to be a calf roper when I was really young. It was about my eighth grade year and I started chute dogging and made Junior High Finals, then at Junior High Finals I made the top ten. Going into the short round, I did pretty well there, then I started dogging off a horse in between my eighth grade and ninth grade year of high school. So I started liking it and did well. I made it to State my freshman year and then made it to High School Finals my junior year, and then after that I kind of fell in love with it and won the region my freshman year and kind of went from there.

Q: Tell me how an average practice would go. 

A: Mondays I get here around 1:30 p.m., and we’ll calf rope and then chute dog. Then Tuesdays I get here around the same time, I’ve got team roping and steer wrestling, and same thing Wednesday, same thing Thursday. Friday’s off.

Q:: Just so people know, how much do the steers weigh on average?

A:Around 450-500 [pounds] probably.

Q: When you’re preparing for a competition, what do you do to get “in the zone”?

A: I think how you have a great team is you put pressure on yourself, you don’t let people put pressure on you. I feel [Laughs] I don’t know, listen to a lot of music, and once I finally get on my horse and get him warmed up I go from there. Once you get in the arena nothing else really matters.

Q: CSC has recently changed Rodeo from being a club sport to a varsity sport.

A: It means a lot. It puts a lot of relief on our coach, and he’s been working on it for a long time. I’ve always thought of ourselves as a team and now we can actually be recognized as one here at the college. It’s really neat.

Q: (Y)ou’ve had a really successful summer season, so what are you setting your sights on this season?

A: I want to blow out the barrier at every rodeo and try to go in and win every one of them. After that, have a heck of a summer again.

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