Order a pineapple pizza for the group

Take a deep breath; I need you to hear me out before you start yelling. There are a few subjects which make or break friendships; Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, cake and ice cream with a fork or spoon, and yes, pineapple pizza. 

I understand that to some of you the very words “pineapple” or “Hawaiian” in relation to pizza, raises your blood pressure. But for just a moment, I need you to take a breath. Perhaps even put the newspaper down for a moment before we continue on this controversial subject. 

In preparation for this article, I talked to a diverse group of people to get their feelings on the subject. Few of those I spoke to were indifferent on this issue; almost everyone had strong feelings one way or another. Let us examine the pizza purist viewpoint first.

Fruit doesn’t belong on pizza. Don’t try to make pizza healthy; it isn’t supposed to be. Only meat and cheese belong on pizza. When I want pineapple, I have pineapple. When I want pizza, I have pizza, but when you put them together. It’s just not good. These are all comments I heard in my research. 

So to those of you who nix pineapple pizza, know that you are not alone. I can even understand some of those reasons. 

One person brought up the fact that pineapple pizza is more acidic than other flavors, so it may not appeal to those with sensitive teeth. I can also admit that you do need to be in the right mindset to enjoy pineapple pizza (just imagine getting ready for some greasy meat lover’s and then getting a sweet chunk of pineapple…ugg) but once you are in the zone, then what could be better?

Onto the pro-pineapple pizza viewpoint. This group, by far, is in the majority (at least among those I spoke to). Most people are not only okay with pineapple pizza, they name it as one of their favorite kinds of pizza, and they are not afraid to go rounds with anyone who disagrees. I personally side with this viewpoint, but I also love sweet and sour chicken and pineapple upside-down cake. 

So, if you are ordering pizza for an event, or even just for your friend group, consider Hawaiian. If you are afraid no one will eat it, reconsider. 

Most pizza purists will unashamedly pick off the offending pineapple and happily eat the pizza with just Canadian bacon and cheese. Thank you for sticking around to the end of this debate. I hope it wasn’t too cheesy for you. 

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