Senate approves permanent meeting time change

The proposal to move all student government-related meetings to Mondays was approved during the Senate meeting Monday. This approval was made successful after the amendment of by-laws from the senators.

Starting next Monday, meetings will begin at 4 p.m. with Senate executive boards, followed by committees at 4:30 p.m. CAB will meet at 5 p.m. and Senate at 5:30 p.m.

Senate approved $5,944.96 for Phi Beta Lambda’s Career Connections in New York City, Oct. 24 -28. This trip is for leadership and career development.

Senator Jessica Powell recently resigned due to a conflict in schedule. Elizabeth Rotherham, junior of Drake, North Dakota, was nominated and voted in as the newly appointed senator for the executive board.

After receiving 45 votes, Aaron Jones, a sophomore of Custer, South Dakota, is the High Rise senator. Emily Johnson, senior from Mead, Colorado, is the Edna senator after receiving 34 votes.

CAB will cut two free movie nights, reducing the semester total to four, in an effort to save money. The total cost of one program, four free movie nights and four free bowling nights is estimated at $13,000.

During the first Free Bowling Night hosted by CAB, 75 students attended.

“We are hoping to get that number up, but they still had fun,” Kimberly Hernandez, junior of Scottsbluff said about the event.

The next Free Movie Night, sponsored by CAB, will start at 6:45 p.m. Sept. 23 at the Eagle Theater.

Senate approved for two new committees: an NPAC Committee and an Events Committee for Spring Days and other events.

Senate voted to allocate $500 towards student activities to provide a leadership training seminar for both CAB and Senate. The purpose of this is to ensure a stronger voice for CAB and Senate among the student body.

“As a senate you are not supervising anyone, but you are speaking on behalf of the students,” Student Activities Coordinator, Megan Northrup said.

There are two options for the leadership trainings. The first option would be for a day long meeting to take place, allowing CAB and Senate to split their time with the training. The second option is for hour long seminars to take place, allowing for groups to attend throughout the day.

New senators were sworn in on Monday. Sami Rahmig, senior of Gering, and Caitlin Hueftle, freshman of North Platte, were both selected as Professional Services and Applied Sciences senators.

Kristina McGann, senior of Broken Bow, Samantha Stowell, freshman of Callaway, and Isioma Akwanamnye, sophomore of Awka, Nigeria, were selected as senators at large.

Travis Mills, senior of Rapid City, was selected as a Business, Math and Science senator.

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