Overwhelming vote declines HPC budget

The budget proposal for Health Professions Club ski trip was declined by a 13-2 vote during Monday evening’s Senate meeting.

The club had asked for $3,324.89 in funds to go on a professional development and group bonding ski trip in Granby, Colorado. However, Senate deemed the trip recreational in their discussion and also declined the AFB proposal budget of $1,287.45. It was also mentioned that HPC is no longer able to raise funds with concessions.

Senate also discussed the NAfME trip for a teachers’ convention. The club asked for $1,635.00 for their trip to Lincoln. AFB offered $1152.00 and it was approved with a 15-0 vote.

According to Deena Kennell, the funds for activities are much lower than in previous years. The reason is enrollment was down and the roll over from previous years is not as high as usual. She let the assembly know that AFB is trying their hardest to make budgets for clubs this year.

Sam Klammer, 20, junior of Hastings, was voted into office for BMS senator. Klammer is an accounting major and had been interested in joining Senate for a long time. He was voted in uncontested.

Senate is planning to send representatives to the NSCS conference at Wayne State.  Currently there is  no plan or budget for who can attend yet. The rough plan is to send small group to the conference and not the whole panel.  AFB will come up with a budget for who wants to go. Senate is currently working on other projects that will be announced later in the year and the committees.

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