Pit crowns pool tourney champion

After five hours of balls clacking, a crowd hollering and music echoing, a graduate student took home gold in the Pit Pool Tournament Thursday night.

The contest began at 9 p.m. Sept. 20 in the Student Center at the Pit. About 40 contestants fought for the title of best pool player.

There were no restrictions on who was allowed to register, so people from all around the community were in attendance.

Competitors and onlookers alike enjoyed free water and pizza provided by the Pit.

The prize for first place was an $80 Walmart gift card. The second place player won a $70 gift card, and the player in third won a $40 gift card.

Players of all skill levels competed in the bracket-style, double elimination contest.

At about 1 a.m., after most pool players were eliminated and only a few dedicated spectators remained at the Pit, the final matches took place and the prizewinners
were determined.

The pool tournament champion Anas Haddadi, 25, graduate student of Chadron,  narrowly defeated Baker after winning two out of three of their final games.

Second place holder was Trevor Baker, 23, senior of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Local man Gerard Sebastian won third place, but because the prizes were bought with student fund money, he wasn’t eligible for the gift card. The next student in line eligible for the prize was Lukas Klueber, 20,   junior of Rapid City, South Dakota who placed fourth.

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