Students craft their way into fall season

Laughter, music and the smell of fresh paint filled the air of the Hub from 6-9 p.m. Friday night during the RLA event, Craft into Fall.

This was the first event put on by RLA member Lena Aslan, 19, sophomore of Elizabeth, Colorado.

With a budget of over $100, the RLA members provided an assortment of paints, brushes, coloring utensils, beads, yarn and ribbons varying in color and type.

Using the supplies, students were given the choice of painting a wooden picture frame, which was a new addition this year, painting anything they wanted on a blank canvas, coloring on pages from a coloring book or all of the above.

The imagination used to create the student decorations was fueled by a colorful array of food.

This included vegetable trays, chocolate chip muffins, blueberry muffins, an assortment of fall themed cookies, water and all different types of soda.

Feven Hailemariam, 19, sophomore of Ethiopia, was one of the many students participating in the event and getting into the fall spirit.

Even though she wasn’t sure what she was going to make, Hailemariam said she was “just going to let it flow.”

The room was packed from end to end with students running out of places to sit.

“From the previous experiences that we did with the craft one, we had like over sixty in the past, so we’re just kind of shooting for the same number here,” Aslan said.

It was no surprise that the event exceeded the goal with 101 students attending.

The original RLA members who held the Craft Into Fall event also held a Craft Into Spring Event, which current RLA
members may revamp depending on the turnout from Friday.

Students who enjoyed the Craft Into Fall event can get excited as Aslan plans on hosting a Make Your Own Christmas
Ornament program later this semester.

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