Domestic violence panel educates students

A Domestic Violence Awareness Panel was held at 11 a.m., Tuesday in the Student Center Ballroom and was sponsored by Residence Life Association.

The event introduced six panelists who volunteered to share their experiences and how they dealt with cases of domestic violence.

Panelists included Deena Kennell, director of internships and career services at CSC; Tricia Thayer, social worker with Chadron Community Hospital; Danny Reynaga, attorney with Legal Aid of Nebraska; Jennifer Ponce, client advocate with DOVES; Loni Watson, counselor at Chadron High School; and Tim Lordino, Chadron police chief.

The event discussed domestic violence on campus and what measures RLA can take to support students and act as advocates. It was an opportunity to educate students on domestic violence and other related issues effecting the youth.

The subject of violence is a major problem on most college campuses.

“Working with families that have been through domestic violence was an opportunity to reach out to victims and build relationships,” Kennell said.

Many colleges offer help under Title IX to students suffering from domestic violence abuse and other cases of sexual misconduct.

The role of social services was also discussed in the panel and they elaborated on providing support to children living under certain conditions. Reports are made when suspected cases of domestic abuse are noticed. If children living in such circumstances are involved, they are taken away from their parents or guardians.

β€œIt was a great experience learning so much from this topic and educating the public on important matters that can affect the life of an individual,” said RA Princess Uba, 19, senior of Abuja, Nigeria.

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