Foundation recieves donation for Math Science Initiative

The Chadron State Foundation received a $500,000 gift from the Sunderland Foundation in support of the Math Science Initiative.

Chadron State Foundation Chair Marjean Terrell announced the donation during the annual Chadron State Foundation Dinner, Friday.

“That gift along with the other support for this project takes our total to $1,576,500 for the Math Science building. We’re so close to making this happen,” Terrell said.

As part of the Next Horizon’s Campaign, the Math Science Initiative focuses on renovating and updating the Math and Science Building. The building has not undergone renovations in 50 years, said Terrell.

“The Math Science building was built in 1960 and has had minimal updates in it. With the emphasis across the board in the science math, we have to step up to the plate and try to get something going on,” Terrell said.

The Math Science Initiative is $25 million project requiring $4 million in “private and college support,” said the Foundation’s Next Horizon page. Chief Executive Officer of the Chadron State Foundation Ben Watson said this donation means $1.57 million has been raised toward the goal.

“We are well on our way to meeting our goal,” Watson said in a press release, Monday. “The Math Science Building is a second home to its students, and the faculty in those disciplines assist in the development of many of western Nebraska’s medical professionals and teachers.”

Terrell said, “It is rewarding to have so many partners endorsing this project. Western Nebraska, and really the entire state of Nebraska, benefits greatly from this project.”

According to their website, the Sutherland Foundation was founded in 1945  and is based in Overland Park, Kansas. They have “focused on supporting construction projects, awarding grants to nonprofits in the Kansas City region and other markets,” including Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri and more. In 2017, they gave over $10 million to over 45 higher education organizations for projects, such as the Math Science Initiative.

Over 40 organizations, including school districts, hospitals and local employers, have donated toward the Math Science Initiative.

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