Gazing at the stars

The CSC Natural Sciences Club and Chadron Girl Scouts sponsored the Planetarium show at the Math and Science building, Friday, as a part of Friends and Family Weekend.

Kids participated in tours and activities, from making marshmallows to star-viewing. All planets were visible that night, except Saturn, which had disappeared due to too much brightness.

Seven telescopes were available to participants. The first telescope viewed the moon, which was easy to spot, according to the science club members.

“Science is cool, space is fun. Amazing the size of the universe we are looking through,” said Natural Sciences Club member Maria Peterson, 22, senior of McPherson, Kansas.

Two telescopes pointed toward Mars and one pointed upward at the Alpha Lyrae, also known as Vega, the brightest star in the constellation.

“It is a good opportunity to spend time with the family and learn something new,” parent Katie Parks said.

“It’s a great way to explore all different aspects from telescopes to constellations of planetary shows and engaging the people with science,” Wendy Jamison, a physical and life sciences professor, said.

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