Make your health a priority

Congratulations to all who have survived the first half of the semester! It might feel like you barely made it but hey, you made it. Hopefully you were successful the first eight weeks and can power through the next eight weeks. 

As the weather starts to get colder and flu season starts to amp up I want to bring a few helpful tips on how to take care of yourself this year. 

One of the most underrated methods of staying on top of your health is hydration. Not soda or energy drinks but simply nourishing your body with good ol’ water. 

Most of the time when you are sick you become dehydrated so do yourself a favor and try to drink a couple extra glasses of water.

Next is rest. Rest helps get your body back on track to recovery by boosting your immune system, thus help fending off germs and sickness.

 I know with everyone’s busy schedules it is hard to get plenty of sleep at night. The best thing to do is try to set a reasonable goal to accomplish then get some rest. If that means taking an hour nap during the day to allow your body to rest, it is better than trying to struggle through homework.

Another tip that you might not think of is to wipe down surfaces in your room or areas that you frequent. Buy some cleaning wipes and wipe down your computer, pencils, table, and anything else you use on a regular basis to try and prevent you or anyone else you know from getting sick. 

Finally, a rather easy thing to do is to eat healthy foods to help your body recover and fight germs. This gives your body the vitamins it needs is essential to help get you back to 100 percent. 

If you’re eating a bunch of junk food while you are sick, chances are the germs or bug you have will fester longer since there isn’t anything really trying to fight it.

I know my column sounds like a mother telling her children how to help themselves, but sometimes during this busy time of year we forget to put ourselves and our health first. I just want to make sure everyone has a friendly reminder that you can only do what your body will allow you to do. 

If you’re sick you might not be able to do as well as you’d like. Hopefully you find these little tips helpful and can avoid getting sick altogether. Be kind to yourself and get some extra rest and eat to help your body! 

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