RAs educate students on disability awareness

Don’t dis my ability, be aware of what I can do.

This was the main message for the RLA event that was held Monday night in the Hub.

About 40-50 attending participants  learned about different challenging abilities and did simulations that limited their own.

RAs Lydia Privett, 20, junior of Wahoo, co-hosted the event with Sydni Stevens, 21, senior of Ogallala, along with RLA.

Many of the simulations were inspired by Privett’s past experience with those who have disabilities.

“I worked at a summer camp for kids with disabilities. I have a passion to bring awareness for people with disabilities and to educate others about them,” Privett said.

The simulations included tasks involving non-verbal communication, hearing, speech, vision and learning disabilities. Participants were also given a piece of sand paper to stimulate painful sensory experiences many people with autism face each day.

“We want people to become aware of the reality for someone with a disability,” Stevens said.

Two events that challenged many were the non-verbal communication and the limited-ability, shoe-tying simulation.

The non-verbal communication used paper pictures and keyboards to get two people to try and communicate with each other by only using the materials.

One of the physical simulations had participants put socks on their hands and had to tie a knot.

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