Students make ice cream floats

Stress sunk and sugar floated when Residence Life Association hosted a Make Your Own Root Beer Float Night in the Hub at 7 p.m., Tuesday.

The event was scheduled to last two hours, but only lasted about an hour before about 120 students cleared out the ice cream and soda.

RLA volunteers dished ice cream as student participants were able to choose a soda and adorn their float with sprinkles, cherries and whipped cream.

There were also various board games set up throughout the room.

The brain behind the event was first-year RA Cheyenne Ryan, 20, sophomore of Glendive, Montana.

She said that she got the idea from her mother and that the proposal had to be turned into the Associate Director of Residence Life, Taylor Osmotherly, a month prior to the actual event.

“It’s the first Make Your Own Float Night we’ve done as far as I know,” Ryan said.

She also discussed her and her fellow RAs’ hard work in organizing the event, including shopping, creating posters, writing online notifications, posting social media notifications and working on other types of networking to gain attention.

Ryan was impressed with the unexpectedly high number of students who came through, explaining the reason they have these events is to make students feel comfortable and at home.

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