Senate allocates full $10,000 for The Big Event

After a lengthy debate, senators voted to appeal AFB’s recommended budget of $4,700 for The Big Event.

Initially, the Big Event staff requested $10,000 for their budget. The financial plan included allocations for advertising, event-day food and t-shirts. AFB’s recommended cuts included a $2,700 cut to the food budget, a $1,000 cut to radio advertisements, and a $500 cut to white-out t-shirts and jackets for staff members.

AFB advised the Big Event staff to seek community sponsors to fill budget gaps, but Dr. Shaunda French-Collins, associate professor of Communication Arts and adviser to The Big Event, said this went against the purpose of the day, which is giving back to the community.

“Our mission is to give back to the community, and asking for them to sponsor us would be counterproductive,” said Dr. French-Collins.

According to Dr. French-Collins, the Big Event is “the largest community event in Western Nebraska.” Additionally, Chadron State’s Big Event ranks as the most successful Big Event for a campus under 10,000 students. Dr. French-Collins stressed the importance of this event not only as a community service project, but also as an event that positively affects enrollment and recruiting.

Senate voted 13-2 in favor of the $10,000, with one abstain vote. With budget cuts in mind, Dr. French-Collins ensured The Big Event staff will be “as mindfully and fiscally conservative as we need to be.”

Senate approved $529.12 for Health Professions Club’s trip to Denver Children’s Hospital and Granby Health Center for professional development from January 1-4. Senate stressed that this would not go toward the recreational ski trip, but would only cover the professional development portion of the trip.

“This money is going towards their two days of professional development,” said Chief Executive Samantha Merrill, 21, senior of Oral, South Dakota.

Senate approved $419 for Revive’s trip to Denver from December 29-January 2nd for the Cru Winter Conference.

Senate is looking for a new Solicitor General.

Senator Aaron Wood, 21, senior of Ogallala, announced the Liberal Arts department is looking to add two new minors in political science and rural development.

The haunted house sponsored by CAB and RLA at Brooks Hall saw 343 people attend on Saturday.

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