Social Work to host suicide awareness conference

CSC Social Work Class 435, Methods III: Organizations and Communities, is inviting the campus and community of Chadron to their Starting the Conversation Conference, Nov. 7 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom.

The conference is focusing on approaching the topic of suicide. It is open to all students and community members. Free lunch will be provided.

The conference will feature speakers that will discuss a mix of topics involving suicide. The panel of speakers will also be taking questions, and there will be an interactive component for those attending.

The 435 class has been working on putting the conference together since the spring 2018 semester. As every 435 class organizes and hosts a conference in the fall, it is a crucial part of graduating as a social work major.

According to senior Lauren Newman, 21, of Julesburg, Colorado, it is the biggest event in the major.

“It’s an experience not every major gets to do. It was hard to decide on the speakers and the direction of the topic,” Newman said.

The conference is not only about informing students and the community on how to approach the touchy subject of suicide but also dissolving the stigma around discussing it. The main goal is to create awareness and educate those on the topic of suicide and depression.

The keynote speakers range from those who have dealt with depression and suicide to survivors of someone who suffered from the same mental health issues.

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