Senate votes to investigate Big Event budget veto

Senators voted unanimously to send last week’s minutes to Constitutional Court in lieu of cloudy by-laws and questions involving The Big Event budget’s veto.

In Senate’s previous meeting, President Lukas Klueber, junior of Rapid City, South Dakota, could not veto The Big Event budget due to being on The Big Event staff. President Klueber then resigned, leaving Vice President Konery Klueber, junior of Rapid City, with the power to veto. President Klueber was then voted back in after the motion had passed, but questions about the validity of this move according to Senate by-laws led to a vote to further review the action.

According to Chapter 1: Court Structure of the Student Senate Constitutional Court document, Constitutional Court consists of “the proper number of associate justices and a Chief Justice.” The Court’s jurisdiction is determined by the CSC Student Association Constitution and is involved in interpreting the Student Association Constitution, deciding the constitutionality of governing bodies’ actions and disciplinary actions and corrective orders. Chief Justice Sam Merrill, senior of Oral, South Dakota, said the Constitutional Court will offer a formal opinion and present the final decision over Senate’s veto.

“By doing this, we will have a binding opinion of the Court to see whether we did right or whether we did wrong, and to make sure everything was followed,” Merrill said.

By-laws involving the veto are currently being revised, as according to Merrill there’s a “gray area” regarding last week’s action. Elizabeth Rotherham, junior of Balfour, North Dakota, was appointed as the chair of the by-law revision committee, which is the committee that will be tasked with the veto by-law changes.

Vice President of Finance Lily Umeta, sophomore of Ethiopia, reported that AFB had a “very effective” meeting with The Big Event staff last Thursday regarding their budgets. After the meeting, AFB revised their recommended budget to $5,000, which would include allocations for budget items such as t-shirts and Subway sandwiches. Umeta encouraged those with questions about AFB’s budget process to come forward and share what they have learned with others as well.

“I know a lot of people have been asking a lot of different questions, and I am only one person,” Umeta said. “You guys are a lot, so if you guys could explain it to different people, I can explain it to [you all] and inform everyone about AFB.”

Senate will vote at 5:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 19, on The Big Event budget. During this time, CAB clubs will have the opportunity to explore the possibility of co-sponsoring The Big Event with money donated from their funds. Graduate student Cody Cooper suggested that Senate could allocate the full Big Event budget and clubs could instead donate money to Spring Days next semester.

All CSC students and faculty are invited to attend Senate meetings to voice their questions and concerns. Meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. every Monday.

Students are encouraged to register for classes if they have not done so. According to President Klueber, there is an “outstanding amount” of freshmen and sophomores who have not yet registered. Registration help can be found through faculty advisers, professors and the START office.   

The NPAC Committee is working on a 5-year plan regarding maintenance and replacements in the NPAC building.

The Native American Club will be hosting a powwow in the student center ballroom starting at 8 a.m., Saturday. All students and faculty are welcome.

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