Senate pushes Big Event vote to Monday

After weeks of discussion, Senate motioned to delay the vote for The Big Event budget until Monday, Nov. 26.

Though the vote was scheduled for Monday night’s meeting, Vice President Konery Klueber, junior of Rapid City, South Dakota, motioned to postpone voting for The Big Event’s budget allocation until after Constitutional Court concludes their investigation on the minutes for the meeting on Nov. 5. The Court will be investigating the veto action and whether or not it was carried out correctly according to by-laws and the Student Association Constitution. Vice President Konery Klueber said the extra week will give time for the Court verdict to come in and for Senators to vote based on the outcome.

“There’s no reason to vote now and have to the Court say something. We want to have the Court’s backing before we move on with (The Big Event vote),” Vice President Konery Klueber said.

In CAB’s meeting the half hour before, clubs had donated $1,550 to The Big Event. According to CAB Chair Kimberly Hernandez, senior of Scottsbluff, the number increased to $2,938.92 due to clubs making further donations after the CAB meeting. Co-sponsorships with organizations, such as The Nest and the athletic department were suggested once again.

Solutions, such as combining the Nearly Naked Mile and Spring Days, were also brought to discussion. According to Senator of Liberal Arts Aaron Wood, who is also on the Event Planning Committee, constituents favored using recommended monies elsewhere to “make room” for funding events like The Big Event, leading to the suggestion to merge the Nearly Naked Mile and Spring Days. 

“We want to try to keep as many events as we can, but with the budgets that we’ve got and what we can use we thought this would be a nice alternative so that everyone can have a Spring Days and a Nearly Naked Mile while also saving some money and helping our constituents,” Wood said.

President Lukas Klueber, junior of Rapid City, South Dakota, also suggested that clubs could “pool together” to host an event and help with programming Spring Days. 

However, CAB Chair Hernandez warned that asking clubs to co-sponsor for both The Big Event and other events such as the Nearly Naked Mile or Spring Days could lead to unwanted stress on clubs. 

“From my feedback asking clubs to co-sponsor The Big Event, I feel like asking them to, again, co-sponsor another event in the spring will bring a lot of stress for them,” Hernandez said. “But, I think this is a reasonable idea that the Events Committee is presenting, just so we do have the more attended events still for Spring Days, such as Mr. and Mrs. Spring Days and the dance, plus the community service aspect with the Nearly Naked Mile.”

Senate will vote at 5:30 p.m., Monday, on The Big Event budget. Students are welcome to attend.

President Klueber announced that he and Senator at Large Kristina McGann, senior of Broken Bow, and Associate Chief Information Office Joby Collins created a student government SharePoint. The software, which is a web-based collaborative platform from Microsoft, will allow student government to share documents such as minutes and AFB’s budget. This will be an open platform accessed through EagleMail that anyone can view.

Senate unanimously approved the NPAC Committee’s request for improvements to the NPAC’s racquetball courts. Jeff Turnam, Student Affairs Manager for the Sports and Recreation Center, asked for $3,000 to refinish racquetball court floors over Christmas break. This money comes from NPAC funding that has been previously allocated.

Senate currently has $36,999.79 in unallocated funds.

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