Capstone class brings Frontier Talks to CSC

The CSC version of “Ted Talks” will be revisiting campus during the second-annual Frontier Talks at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, in the CSC Student Center Ballroom. This event, organized by Capstone class CAP469D The Weight of the Nation, aims to educate the CSC community on steps you can take to improve your life.

“Frontier Talks is essentially Ted Talks, so we have speakers coming just to talk about their life and advice. Our theme this year is “Take the Stairs”, so just taking life’s changes and choices step by step,” said Torri Brumbaugh, 21, senior of Gering and student in the class.

The theme focuses on five aspects of life: work and education, love, family, health, and friends.

“’Taking the stairs’ means making choices in different areas of your life toward a better future,” said Krystal Kesselring, 23, senior of Loganville, Georgia, another student of CAP469D.

The class split into five groups to help make Frontier Talks happen: theme, venue, event promotion, speaker services and evaluation.

Speakers include Russ Seger, Mike Vogl, Brittany Helmbrecht and E.J. Kreis. These speakers were selected by the students in the class’s speaker services group.

All five speakers will be speaking on the evening’s topic of ‘taking the stairs,’ relating their lives back to the theme and what they did to improve their lives, along with mistakes they have made and how to avoid those mistakes.

The class hopes to learn from the speakers what ‘taking the stairs’ means to them and educate the campus as well.

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