Senate delays Big Event vote another week

Senate motioned to delay voting on The Big Event budget  another week to hear the Constitutional Court’s verdict on Nov. 9’s veto.

Constitutional Court, which is comprised of associate justices and a chief justice, met last Tuesday, Nov. 20, for two hours but did not reach a decision on the validity of the veto of The Big Event’s budget allocation from Nov. 5. According to Chief Justice Samantha Merrill, senior of Oral, South Dakota, the Court planned to meet at 11 a.m. this Tuesday to reach a final verdict. Because of this, Senate will wait to hear the Court’s decision before proceeding with a vote on The Big Event’s budget.

A formal statement will be issued on Monday, Dec. 3.

According to CAB Chair Kimberly Hernandez, senior of Scottsbluff, CAB clubs have donated $3,093.92 to The Big Event. Clubs will have an extra week to give funds before Senate’s vote, but money can be donated at any time.

Cody Cooper, graduate student of Gothenburg, was sworn in as the Eagle Ridge senator by a unanimous vote. The position was previously vacant this semester. Cooper, who has served on Student Senate before, said he felt the need to return and enjoys being on Senate.

“I’ve been on Senate before, and I really enjoyed it, and recently I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it, so I want to be back,” Cooper said.

President Lukas Klueber, junior of Rapid City, South Dakota, unveiled the Student Government SharePoint and discussed ways that Senate can “communicate better” through it. The program, which is located on EagleMail, will be a source for archived materials, such as minutes and agendas as well as a place to find documents on CAB, Constitutional Court and Senate committees.

“It’s kind of one big community where we can communicate better,” Klueber said. “That is the whole point of this.”

Other elements of SharePoint include a Forums tab where Senators can go through “training” and go through information on by-laws, the Student Constitution and other tools. Senator Michael Pacheco, freshman of Broomfield, Colorado, is heading the initiative and hopes that the section will help Senators navigate their duties.

“In it [Forums] will have basically anything you need in order to function as a Senator as best as you can,” Pacheco said.

Senate unanimously approved $2,404.40 for the Ag Club’s trip to the International Society for a Range Management Conference. Money allocated will cover registration and hotel rooms for seven attending students. Students will be presenting at the conference as well as networking for potential jobs and Master’s programs.

Student Government and CAB is back to being tax exempt after spending restrictions were issued in October for card purchases. Accounts can now be reimbursed, and Amazon and Walmart purchases can be made with state-issued cards.

Senate currently has $36,999.79 in unallocated funds.

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