Saturday night, Residence Life Association took “Water Pong” one step farther by hosting Fear Pong.

Fear pong works just like regular Water Pong, except there are dares under each cup. If you make the ping pong ball into the cup, then your opponent must either complete the dare and keep the cup or forfeit the cup.

Some of the dares attendees had to complete included wearing high heels for the rest of the game, having your opponent make a mystery shot for you to take, (it could consist of any every day condiment such as ketchup, barbecue sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and others) and referring to yourself as the King or Queen of Fear Pong for the duration of the game.

“I’m surprised that more people didn’t show up, but I guess not everyone wants to take dares,” Sydney Settles, 18, freshman of Lincoln, said.

The expected attendance was 40-50 people, however since the basketball games were still going, attendance was lower, Kyle Dietsche, 24, graduate student from Sheridan, Wyoming said.

“People can play or they can just hang out, but when they come they usually stay until the end,” Mikaela Franzen, 21, junior of Gurley, said.

“It was fun; the prizes were good, a lot of people missed out,” Settles said.

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