CAB donations to aid Big Event’s holiday advertising

In response to CAB Chair Kimberly Hernandez’s request, clubs donated $3,038.92, Monday, toward The Big Event.

Adviser of The Big Event, Shaunda French-Collins, ensures the donating clubs the ability to see how their funds will be used.

“We are open to any kind of communication throughout this year with it being a little bit different, so please don’t be hesitant to ask because we are very appreciative,” French-Collins said.

With clubs donating funds, The Big Event plans to work more with the clubs next semester. The Big Event’s current funding will go toward holiday cards with a “save the date”. Prior to funds being frozen, The Big Event submitted an order to for Big Event “zip over” jackets and postcard stamps.

Clubs with any questions regarding The Big Event can contact French-Collins or Hernandez via email.

Five applied for the Student Trustee position with three being selected and are currently going through a selection process. The new trustee will be announced in January.

Free Bowling Night hosted by CAB saw 79 students attend on Sunday.

The Pit is hosting a “3v3 Basketball Tournament” at the NPAC on Thursday.

Choir is hosting a holiday concert at Memorial Hall, 7 p.m., Thursday.

RLA is hosting “Finals Struggle Bus” in the Hub, Wednesday along with “Stress spelled backwards = Dessert” in the Hub, 9 p.m. – midnight, Friday and “Make your own Christmas Ornament” in the Hub, 6-8 p.m., Saturday.

Free Bowling Night hosted by CAB will kick off the spring semester at Hilltop Lanes, Sunday, Jan. 13.

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