Don’t stress over gifts this season

Some say it’s the thought that counts. Others think quality over quantity. Some just say ‘screw it.’

When it comes to gift-giving, each of us have our chosen method. Some of us shop throughout the year and snag gifts when we see them, stowing them away for the holiday season. Others fly by the seat of their pants (and let’s be honest, our wallets) and wind up giving friends and family an assortment of items found in the $5 clearance section at Target. 

Personally, I fall with the first crowd. I really enjoy picking out the right present for my friends and family. 

I have my ways to find out what my loved ones want under their trees. I try to listen throughout the year and pick up on passing comments like, ‘You know, I’ve always wanted to get an air fryer,’ or ‘maybe it really is time to get some new socks and underwear. Look at all these holes!’ I remember each, and when I see something that fits the bill (and a good price), I buy it and save it for the 25th.

Though I find this a fun task, sometimes it can get overwhelming. Like everyone else, my wallet doesn’t overflow with cash, so making sure I get everyone what they want can feel like a financial burden. 

I especially feel this if it’s November or early December and I haven’t bought the presents I meant to. I feel the pressure of getting my loved ones a memorable gift they’ll love, but sometimes I feel like I’m either sacrificing too much or not sacrificing enough to do that.

Listen, folks, the bottom line is this: whether you give the best and brightest gift or just a homemade card, you’ve still given something to someone because you care. 

The point of a gift is to show love and kindness, and I don’t think that you should unnecessarily pressure yourself in the process. 

If you’re stuck on what to get someone, ask them; if you feel like you don’t have enough money to spend on a gift, but you want to give something, a homemade card or cookies will do just fine.

We may be in the season of giving, but it doesn’t have to be the season of stressing. You don’t need to have triple zeros in your accounts to make Christmas count, so don’t give too much thought to that. Let your friends and family know you care and you’ve done your part this season.

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