Host families help fill gap for holiday season

It’s officially the season to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.  So often we look forward to getting home after our last finals, seeing family and eating real home cooked food.

 It’s a student’s time to unwind and relax in a place full of love and acceptance. This can be a wonderful time, but it can also be difficult for some college students.

If you’re like me, family can live far away. This means I will not be able to travel home for Christmas. When I first realized this last year, I was heartbroken. I did not know how to spend Christmas without my parents. 

That first Christmas break was tough, but this Christmas break, even though I won’t be home, I will still be surrounded by love and acceptance thanks to my host family.

A host family welcomes a stranger into their home, offering an amazing opportunity to have a family away from family. This new family offers you a place to get away from the college and stress. The right host family will offer laughter, love and a place of peace.

In America, it is typical for college students who live outside of the United States to join a host family through the college, but I joined my host family at the beginning of the semester through Ridgeview Bible Church. 

When I first signed up for a host family, I was extremely nervous. Random people from my church were welcoming me into their home, feeding me and providing me with support through difficult times. Luckily, in my opinion, I received the absolute best host family there is. I typically visit my host family twice a week: on Sundays for Bible studies and on Thursdays for dinner. 

Every week, I look forward to further bonding with my family while nourishing my faith in Christ.

College can get overwhelming, and it can be hard to not have family around, but a host family is an amazing way to build love and community. I have found joy, laughter and welcoming love in strangers that I am now blessed to call family.

There are many other families who host college students, so if this sounds like something you would enjoy, then reach out and contact the church. There are amazing strangers waiting to welcome you into their homes and call you family as well.

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