Students decorate ornaments for Edna Hall Christmas tree

Dorm residents got into the Christmas spirit and decorated wooden ornaments to be hung on the Edna Hall lobby tree during the Let’s Decorate the Tree event, Monday, in the Edna Hall conference room.

Fifteen students attended the event, painting ornaments to be hung on the tree later that night.

The idea for this event came after Sara Taggart, 21, junior of Harrisburg and an RA, heard that other students wanted to help decorate the tree in Edna.

“A lot of kids in the school wanted to be a part of our Christmas tree,” she said.

The event cost $50 to host, strictly for the price of 120 wooden ornaments. Edna Hall already had paint and brushes available for use, lowering the cost of the event.

This event was originally scheduled for last Monday, Nov. 26, but the wooden ornaments ordered for the event were not going to arrive in time.

“Three times we tried to order ornaments, all three times coming from different companies, and weren’t going to arrive on time,” Taggart said.

Luckily, the ornaments arrived for this Monday, and the event gave residents from all of the dorms the opportunity to help decorate the tree in Edna.

Event participants adorned their ornaments with classic holiday decorations, like cardinals on pine tree branches and simple patterns of dots and lines.

Others chose to put names of other dormitories on campus.

Sydni Stevens, 22, senior of Ogallala, decorated an ornament with a snowy sky and snowman.

“It’s a great opportunity for residents to be creative and bond with each other,” she said about the event.

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