Students share stories from trip to London and Dublin

International Lunch Hour took place Thursday, in the Scottsbluff Room in the Student Center with speakers Samantha Merrill and Renae Kueter sharing their London and Dublin experiences during the foreign exchange program over the summer.

A seven-day trip to London and Dublin helped teach those in attendance about other cultures and engage in different activities away from home. They also shared that they learned so much more during their time in both cities, from visiting the Magistrates Court to exploring Westminster Abbey in London.

In their presentation, both Merrill and Kueter explained that the students were divided into groups of two with three students in each group experiencing the cultures of London and exploring the beautiful city of Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

“The only time it rained our entire trip was our sixth day in London, but it was so much fun,” Merrill said.

While touring the House of Chambers in London, Kueter said, “It’s amazing considering it’s the least fancy of the entire building of Parliament.”

The event has introduced students from different parts of the world who have shared their stories and engaged guests in different aspects of their daily lives and educating them on customs and traditions. This year, the international office decided to make a difference by inviting faculty and students to tell their stories and what they learned away from home.

The International Lunch Hour, Dine with Us, is sponsored by the Chadron State College International Club. Sherry Douglas, Vice President of Student Services, Ted Tewahade, Title IX Coordinator, and Angela Camerlinck, International Education Project Coordinator organize the event annually to encourage students to interact with guests and share their experiences, and to get people interested in knowing more about other cultures.

The International Lunch Hour was the final international event for the fall semester. According to Ted Tewahade, Dine with Us will return in the spring featuring International students who share their experiences and cuisine from their home country.

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