On The Bright Side: Strengthen your mind with reading

One of my greatest passions is reading. There is nothing better to me than finding a book I truly enjoy.

I know that is not the case for everyone. There are some people who really struggle with finding a book they enjoy or just don’t care for it at all. Many people that I talk to about how they’ve struggled with literature is from a past experience in the educational system. Whether that be in middle school or high school some people found reading to be irrelevant because of what they had to go through. Unfortunately, now many people don’t pick up another book. But there are many undeniable benefits to reading.

I hope that this year if you have any resolution or hopes to start a new hobby that it would be reading, because it can really change that way that you think and the way that you advance through school as well as life.

Possibly one of the most beneficial factors of reading is the way the improvement on yourself and others. Not only does seeing life through other people’s eyes help you get a different understanding of how the world around you works but also it might spark an understanding in yourself. You can probably relate to a lot more characters than you think.

You might not be exactly what the character is portraying but you might relate to the characters driving theme of wanting success or desire to travel. Maybe you read about a situation that is similar to what you are going through right now in your own life and can find a connection to the characters feelings. There is so much more to books than analyzing them and having to “understand the deeper meaning”.

Books give you the opportunity to look as in depth as you want to go. In that you have the chance to relate or learn as much as you want.

Another extremely beneficial factor of reading is being able to communicate more efficiently. It has been proven time and time again that reading helps expand your vocabulary and increase your ability to empathize with people. No matter what profession you go into or what you do with your life being able to communicate is essential. And if you can do it well that is even more power to you.

If you are in business or legal studies it will make stand out if you are elevate the way you present your topics in your document. And when you read you also learn about other people’s experiences and being able to view events you might not ever live through helps you be able to empathize with people easier because you’ve been able to see a similar situation before even if it was in a book.

Overall, there really is no downside to reading. It is a easy, portable, and cheap form of entertainment and it allows you to connect with people around you no matter where you are.

If you start a book and don’t like it don’t waste your time with it and get another you might like more. There is no shame in not finishing a book if you don’t like. So do yourself a favor this year and read a book or two extra than you normally. This might just be what turns 2019 into your year.

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