Take care of yourself and others in the new year

One of my favorite movies of all time is Cinderella. Not only because I watched it every single day as a child, but also as the role model the common girl, turned princess, is to me. When I started college the live action version of this classic Disney film, gave me the extra confidence to start a new chapter in my life, the quote from the movie I say in my head every day is “Have courage and be kind”. I strive to be the best version of myself every day. Even with the help of my faith and supportive friends I still find myself with low self esteem.

So as a new year rolls around I have a New Year’s resolution for myself and for all of you who struggle with keeping positive confidence. Have the courage to be good to yourself and be good to others. This may seem like an easy task but being the 10th day of the year I have had a few struggles with my proposed resolution. We all do not have a fairy godmother to make everything better in an instant. I recommend start helping yourself. Eating well, getting exercise and finding peace, even in small amounts,  will really get you on the right path of being good to you. Spend the time to reflect on your feelings whether it is writing in a journal or talking to a counselor, I have found that getting negative thoughts out of my head has helped. Make this year the year that you grow into the best version of yourself, and it all starts with a positive attitude and change.

The second part of this New Years resolution may sound easier but word of caution, though the people around you could be negative do not let that make you a negative person. I know being nice to others can be difficult. People say you aren’t good enough, not smart enough, you cannot go to the royal ball. All though all these negatives are thrown at you, do not throw them back. Be good to others despite the fire. Smiling more often, appreciating small gestures and building stronger relationships has helped me do good for others. Everyone, even with evil flaws, deserve kindness. Not all that have evil flaws are strangers. Rebuilding relationships with estranged friends or family can contribute to make 2019 a positive year for you. Positive attitudes create positive people, whether that person is yourself or someone else. Defeating the negative thoughts and images I have floating in my head has made a better version of myself. Though I have a long way to go I still say to myself every day “Have courage and be kind”. I ask you to consider my proposed resolution and encourage others to use it too.

With my small New Year’s resolution, have courage to be kind to yourself and be kind to others, try it, you might find something magical within yourself.

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