When looking for your next pet, consider adoption

Graduation is getting closer and closer, and maybe your starting to think about buying a pet. Pets are very beneficial for your health. Dogs, especially larger dogs, provides safety and keeps you fit with all those walks. Cats support you emotionally and are easy to maintain. Rabbits are quiet, small and live relatively long for a small animal. What do all of these critters have in common? They can all be found waiting for you in a shelter.

There are billions of animals in shelters across America. According to the ASPCA, 6.5 million companion animals are taken into shelters nationwide annually. Almost 1.5 million are euthanized  in shelters each year due to, behavioral problems or there is no room at the shelter.

If you are dead set on a adopting a puppy or kitten right after graduating in May, you are in luck. Spring time is the biggest kitten and puppy season, many young animals are stuffed in shelters and take up space. Most shelter puppies and kittens have already had their first shots and have been socialized. Older animals need love too, consider adopting a senior pet and give them a good last home. Many people avoid shelters because they want a purebred dog or cat. However, not many people know that shelters, like the Humane Society work with breed specific rescue groups to network animals to adopters.

Do you want the pet experience, but cannot keep a pet long term? Consider fostering a pet that is waiting to be adopted. Fostering pets gives them the home experience why also allowing more space for shelters to take in more animals. So not only do you save one life you help two! As a foster parent to a companion animal you provide socialization and pets do not sit in a shelter kennel. Most rescues provide all the information you need to foster an animal and give it a better chance at being adopted.

Whether you are currently looking for a pet, thinking about the future or helping someone find a companion consider going to your local shelter.

All of my dogs have been rescues. I know very little about their breeding, however the one thing I do know is they are just as wonderful and full of love as any purebred. All animals deserve a home whether they are a purebred Persian or a Pitbull pound puppy.

If you are thinking of adopting a pet you are not only adding a loving member to your family, but also saving a life. The time old saying, adopt don’t shop, is something I will stand by always. I hope you consider adopting while searching for your next four-legged family member.

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