Milkshake Night attracts nearly 150 students

The milkshakes brought the students to the Hub, Monday.

Resident Advisors began making customized milkshakes at 6 p.m., with a choice of chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter or strawberry. Those in attendance were treated to the option of assorted candy and various other sweet, colorful toppings. To counteract the sugar, snacks like chips were also available.

This Resident Life Association-sponsored event was hugely successful, as it brought in 140 students before ingredients ran out at 7:30 p.m. RA Clinton Albertus, 25, of Curacao, Caribbean Islands, who led the event, explained that this turnout was expected, because the last milkshake event in Edna Hall attracted over 70 students.

“I think people like this, so people will probably start planning it more often, or even as a floor program.” Albertus said of the potential benefits of this event, “For one, it helps build community, because it gets them out of their room. That was the initial reason why we did this back in Edna, to get people out of their room, come into the lobby, and even if its just to have some ice cream or drink a milkshake, just to see who else is with them in their community. That’s basically the gist of how it started.”

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