Senate approves AFB budget packet revisions

Senate unanimously approved AFB’s proposed revisions to budget packets and trip budget packets, meaning changes for clubs filling out upcoming packets.

In the new budget packet, a Fall 2018 expense sheet will be added to document what was spent in the previous semester. In addition to the Fall 2018 expense sheet, a Fall 2019 itemized budget will also appear in the packet. According to Vice Chair of Finance Lelisse Umeta, sophomore of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, clubs will be asked to complete an itemized budget for each semester.

For trip budget packets, a total count of the number of females and males attending trips will be added at the bottom of the attendees sheet. According to Umeta, this information will help with hotel booking and budget recommendations for numbers of rooms.

“When we book the hotel, if there are 12 students going, we don’t want to book four rooms if only one guy is going,” Umeta said. “It’s been a problem last semester, so we just wanted to have better numbers.”

Senate voted 14 – 1 abstain to approve AFB’s recommendation for $2,263.90 for Sigma Tau Delta’s upcoming trip to their International Convention in March. Sigma Tau Delta requested $4,997.06 for nine students to travel, including $900 for registration and $3.318.21 for hotel rooms. AFB’s cuts included a cheaper hotel option at $71 per night, which would total $1,263.90 for four rooms and $100 gas allocation instead of the requested $500.

AFB suggested that, because of the amount of money AFB allocates to trips, groups who travel to conferences or conventions make a quick presentation to Senate after their trip. Umeta said this would not only provide accountability for clubs to “do what they say they’re going to do” on trips, but would also promote club membership and show students what Senate and AFB support.

“They (members who traveled) could present one minute of pictures, of video, or just something so we know they did what they were supposed to do. Also, it would be a good way for other students to join the clubs and see what Senate and AFB is supporting or allocating money for,” Umeta said.

Three CAB clubs received funding cuts due to absences. Chi Alpha received a 5 percent cut due to missing two meetings, totaling $205. NOCS also received a 5 percent cut costing $143.23. Omega Phi Rho received a 5 percent cut totaling $263.35, but because of a total of four meetings missed their account was frozen.

Chief Justice Samantha Merrill, senior of Oral, South Dakota, reminded Senate that petitions are due by 5 p.m. Friday, March 15. Those running for Liberal Arts or professional schools positions must get signatures from students of those schools. For all who are running, regardless of a specific school, signatures must be obtained from full-time students. For undergraduate students, 12 credit hours is considered full-time, and for graduate students the number is nine hours.

Petitions can be turned in to Merrill or any justice of the Court.

Senator Aaron Wood, junior of Mineral Wells, Texas, announced the Event Committee has selected a Coachella theme for Spring Daze and the Nearly Naked Mile. According to Wood, the committee is looking at t-shirt designs now as well as itemizing the budget for decorations and prizes.

Adviser Susan Schaeffer announced the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment will be sent via e-mail to students. Schaeffer said the assessment provides “wonderful information” regarding student health on campus and urged students to complete the assessment. It will be open for two weeks, with students completing the assessment possibly receiving a $25 Amazon gift card.

CAB Vice Chair of Records Kristina McGann, senior of Broken Bow, reported that 92 students attended Free Movie Night last Sunday. Free Bowling Night will be held from 6 – 9 p.m. this Sunday at Hilltop Lanes. The Superbowl will be streamed and free pizza will be provided.

Registration for the Fall 2019 semester is open.

Senate currently has $30,999.79 in unallocated funds.

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