Stop apologizing for being human

I like to think I am a pretty social person. I know a lot of people and carry on conversations when I have the time to see how they are. I also like to hang out with my friends. With that, I hear a lot about people and I have found a common thread in most conversations.

Almost every person I talk to apologizes for something that doesn’t need an apology. Sometimes it’s “Sorry I don’t look great. It’s been a long day,” or “Sorry I didn’t go I wasn’t feeling well.” People even apologize for simply standing when I walk up to say hello. I’m also guilty of apologizing for stupid things like talking. I always apologize because I feel like I talk too much.

Why do so many of us profusely apologize for simple things like, I don’t know, being human?

One thing a lot of us can work on (I’m including myself in this) is not apologizing for being human. It’s hard to not apologize for things we feel need an apology. But do we really need to apologize for standing with our friends in a public space? Or apologize for not looking our best? Obviously we don’t, but we feel the need to since we might be aggravating someone.

But honestly who cares? If you wore sweats to class and are wearing them all day because you’re not feeling your best, that’s fine. Don’t apologize to people for doing what you need to do to get through the day.

It’s easy to become a walking apology when you are aware that something in your life might not be 100 percent. Whether it be appearance or  you might be  insecure about things.

We have to learn to accept ourselves and not be so apologetic for things that really don’t need an excuse. I have a hard time not apologizing for talking or telling a story.

Personally, I have to realize there is nothing wrong with talking. Maybe you are in a similar boat and always apologize for something, like how your hair looks or how busy you are. No one else has to live your life but you. So if you didn’t get around to brushing your hair this morning and it’s up in a messy bun, who cares? At least you had the motivation to get out of bed this morning. If you are constantly busy and have a lot on your plate and apologize for not getting in touch with someone, remember a phone works two ways.

We have to learn to trust and love ourselves and not apologize so much. Being strong and confident in ourselves will help give us the courage to not apologize all the time. We don’t need to apologize for being human and living iwn the same space as other people.

This week when you want to apologize for something small that does not need an apology take a step back. Remember what you might apologize for and try not to apologize. Even if you sit there with a stupid look on your face, or you just smile, that’s better than apologizing for those little things we have low self-esteem about.

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