Positive Life Company founder to speak at CSC

Positivity is coming to CSC at 5 p.m. Thursday, March 21, in the Student Center ballroom with keynote speaker Amy Dix, co-founder of the Positive Life Company.

Dix will talk about achieving anything that you want with the power of positivity. Dix is a speaker and two-time international best-selling author of “Wear Pink Lipstick: How to Be Positive and Stay Strong in Life’s Most Difficult Times” and “7 More Days: Live a Life That’s Bursting with Happiness and Positivity…Before It’s Too Late,” the book she is basing her Thursday presentation off of.

 The presentation is open to students and community members, emphasizing that it’s about not letting small things ruin your positivity and thinking about life in a new way. 

CSC student Mariah Linders, junior of Rushville, helped with bringing Amy to campus, she worked as a social media specialist for the Positive Life Company. According to Linders, Dix is good at bringing positivity by inspiring audiences with her life story. 

“I really want her to bring motivation and to stay positive (to campus) especially with today’s mental health and (Dix) is really good at that,” Linders said. 

This event is part of Women’s History Month and is being sponsored by CSC athletics, RLA, Diversity Club, Public Relations Club and the Dean’s Council.

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