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Sacrifice something

Apr. 30, 2015

Spring is the season for volunteering and it took a lot for students, faculty, and community members to sacrifice their time and effort in support of The Big Event.

April 30, 2015

Apr. 29, 2015

April 23, 2015

Apr. 29, 2015

“On a scale of 1 to Nature Valley Granola bars, how badly is your life falling apart?”

Apr. 29, 2015

Lane Swedburg
22, Senior of North Platte

“Wait, finals week is next week?”

We can still do better

Apr. 23, 2015

The semester is coming quickly to a close, and we’re reminded every week by our adviser to remain vigilant and finish strong. “You are only as good as the last thing you did.”

April 23, 2015

Apr. 22, 2015 earns top honors in NCMA Digital Media

Apr. 22, 2015

The Eagle’s website,, captured first in “Excellence in Digital Medium,” the top award in the digital medium competition of the Nebraska Collegiate Media Association’s Golden Leaf Awards, presented Saturday at the association’s annual conference hosted this year at Chadron State College.

The Eagle wins fifth ‘Best in Overall Excellence’ award

Apr. 22, 2015

The Eagle captured its fifth straight “Best in Overall Excellence” title in the Nebraska Collegiate Media Association’s annual Golden Leaf Awards, presented Saturday, this year, at CSC.
The Eagle staff earned awards in 19 of 19 individual categories, and scored points in 18 of 19 categories.

“What are your impressions about The Big Event?”

Apr. 22, 2015

Gavan Archibald
Resident Adviser of Kent Hall

“I feel like its
something positive and a way for us to give back to the
community and the home of this thriving college since they have helped us.”

The editorial board’s pick for Sen. Pres.

Apr. 15, 2015

When the editorial board met to discuss if we should endorse a candidate, we reviewed our notes and the audio recording, and are convinced that Nathaniel Brown, sophomore of Rapid City, South Dakota, will be best fit for Student Senate President.