“The Walking Dead” leaves viewers thirstier than ever

Mar. 26, 2014

The dead have invaded every facet of media: in books, movies, television, and comics, zombies run rampant.

Gender dark ages are far from over

Jan. 29, 2014

Last semester, I had a minor argument with a friend regarding my article about cat-calling in the October 23, 2013, issue of the Eagle. Since then, I’ve thought a little about, not so much responding, but rather carrying on the conversation that I began with my (I believe), slightly misguided friend.

Stressed students: Find your drive and live once more

Dec. 4, 2013

I am tired.

Over the course of this semester, I have stretched myself to the breaking point. And I know that I’m not the only one.

The pros and cons of modern television

Nov. 20, 2013

I have a friend who is firmly against television. When I profess my love of Netflix, he disputes it, and he finds something wrong with every television show I watch.

Cat Calls don’t impress, they come off as creepy

Oct. 23, 2013

A friend of mine works at the Best Western here in Chadron, and often sees characters of all sorts come through. Two weeks ago, she texted me about the football team that was staying in their hotel.

‘TAP’ the night away

Oct. 23, 2013

“TAP: The Show” lit up Memorial Hall’s main stage Thursday with a magical, colorful performance.

Fall is TV Season: What not to miss

Oct. 23, 2013

There’s channels and channels of new television this fall, and this reporter won’t let the unaware crowds miss all the quality flashing across the ‘tube.

Senate hears two proposals, directs to other sources

Oct. 23, 2013

Senators heard two proposals, referring both guests elsewhere, and discussed the leadership conference in Peru.

Allies Club switching things up for homecoming royalty nominations

Sep. 25, 2013

Amanda Gibbs, 23, senior of Gering, is Chadron State College’s first tri-gender student to run for homecoming king.

Board approves next phase of rangeland, roofing

Sep. 11, 2013

The Board of Trustees approved finances for the second phase of the Rangeland Management Center at its Friday meeting in the Sandoz Center Atrium.
The board agreed to fund the $2.2 million project over the next eight years by selling bonds in 2014, which will ultimately help the college keep within the financial requirements.