What do you think about Dr. Park’s retirement?

Apr. 18, 2012

“It’s surprising.”

—Brandon Struble,
19, freshman,
Human Sciences major,
of Torrington, Wyo.

How could CSC Dining Services be improved?

Apr. 11, 2012

“I feel like the Cafe is greasy, I would like more salad options.”

—Beth Thomas,
18, freshman,
Clinical Lab
Science major,
of Durango, Colo.

What is your reaction to the March Madness Tournament results?

Apr. 4, 2012

“Crappy. I wish KU would have won.”

—Sammy Green,
22, sophomore,
Elementary Education major,
of Cheyenne, Wyo.

Should students spend money to help resurface the NPAC’s floor?

Mar. 31, 2012

“As long as we have the money and can still spend money on other necessities then it’s okay.”

—Jennie Robbins,
19, freshman,
Pre-Occupational Therapy major,
of Mitchell

What is your take on the CSC Student Government?

Mar. 21, 2012

“I don’t know much about it honestly.”

—Abby Gibson,
18, freshman,
Pre-Physical Therapy major,
of Springview

What do you think about Rush Limbaugh’s comments?

Mar. 14, 2012

“I have no idea. I don’t know who that is.”

—Andrea Neal,
19, freshman,
Elementary Education major,
of North Platte

What event have you enjoyed most so far this year? Why?

Feb. 29, 2012

“The basketball game against Kearney, because it was crazy packed.”

—Alex Alderman,
19, sophomore,
Special Education major, of Rapid City, S.D.

Who is the most attractive professor on Campus?

Feb. 22, 2012

“Dr. Morgan.”

—Randi Hughes,
20, sophomore,
Pre-Dental major of Scottsbluff

What spring activity are you most looking forward to? Why?

Feb. 15, 2012

“Sun bathing on top of the red room.”

—Chris Zimmer,
19, freshman,
Education major of Rapid City, S.D.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day?

Feb. 8, 2012

“I hate it.”

—Danielle Shimp,
19, freshman,
Elementary Education major of Alliance