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Alcohol should take the backseat to responsibilities

College students have various ways of celebrating events, holidays, and just having fun with friends. However, a recurring theme I have noticed in my four and a half years at Chadron State College is the constant partying and alcohol consumption.

RGB DeAndra Miller

Benghazi hearing raises many questions

One of the largest spectacles happening in the United States, especially in light of the ongoing debates and vying for the upcoming presidential seat, is the House committee hearing regarding the attacks that happened in Benghazi. For those who are unaware of either the hearing or the attacks themselves, Hillary Clinton is currently under investigation for what she and her team could have possibly done to prevent those attacks.


Take time to thank cross country supporters

Last weekend my team and I traveled to the RMAC Cross Country Championships in Alamosa, Colorado. The meet was hosted by Adams State University, which is one of the top distance running schools in our conference and in D-II on a national level.


Syerra At Large

Senators moral duty and obligation is to vote in policies that their constituents want; in the recent Senate meeting Student Senate deliberated upon the reinstatement of the Health 101 service provided on campus.

Student Senate needs guidance

Student Senate needs guidance

Last week, Senate allocated $5,500 to Chi Alpha and Revive in order to help the clubs fund a group of Christian artist to come to campus for a free concert. The allocation was made after Senate hosted a public forum to hear students’ opinions.


Continuing tragedies highlight a need for change

In the wake of another tragedy, our nation’s president had nothing new to say. During his response to the Umpqua Community College shooting on Thursday of last week, President Obama seemed to be venting to the public. He was sad, somber, and seemed distressed, as I feel most of us were as we heard about the events that unfolded at the tiny college, in the seemingly quaint community of Roseburg, Oregon.