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Flint highlights government’s bad judgement

Imagine bathing, drinking, and utilizing brown, toxic water; all while the public officials whom so graciously represent you continue to deny your insistence for help. This is the reality of numerous citizens in Flint, Michigan.

Bryson Hellmuth

Support local business because it supports you

A middle-aged woman stands staring out the window of her once prosperous floral shop as traffic continues to bypass the small rural town. An old gentleman hangs a “Going out of Business” sign on his lumber supply store. He proceeds to watch as a local citizen of his once booming town drives down Main Street with a load of lumber from the large town 45 minutes away.

Shield law proposed in Nebraska

Shield law proposed in Nebraska

In the past year, the rights of student journalists at universities and colleges across the U.S. have come under inspection. At the University of Missouri, there were two student journalists who documented a faculty member attempting to infringe on their right to report a protest that was taking place in a public space.

Richard Heule III

Internet comments do not represent diversity

I have lived in Nebraska all of my life, and part of growing up here is learning to deal with some of the people around here and their beliefs. My father is a Socialist and raised me to try to appreciate all sides of the political spectrum, except for idiots who preach on the grounds of intolerance.

MLK Day isn’t just a day off

MLK Day isn’t just a day off

Some see it as a day off of work and school. A day of relaxation. Others see it as an excuse to complain that they didn’t get the day off. What is the occasion? Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Dajuan Turner

“What does MLK day mean to you?”

Dajuan Turner
22, senior of Colorado Springs, Colorado

“A celebration in black history where a man changed the world not just for black people but for everyone, changed the way people looked at one another.”