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Ty Grasz

Vape away: Avoid vaping in high traffic areas

Smoking, while not as common as it used to be, is still a major part of today’s society. While I have my opinion on smoking in general, I’m going to focus on one area that is bothersome to me on campus.

RGB Jordyn Hulinsky

College is your opportunity to have fun

Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the Athletic Hall of Fame hosted at the Student Center Ballroom. After listening to all the speakers talk about their time at CSC, I took note of two key things most of the speakers commented on.


Syerra At Large

This week in Senate, Student Senate President Katrina Hurley introduced a new project that I think is not only a great opportunity for students, but is an opportunity to give back to our community and better our city of Chadron.

NSCS policy needs revision

NSCS policy needs revision

As editors of a newspaper, it is not our job to babysit the college. It is not our job to make the college look bad or good. Our duty is to inform our readers about what is happening. Whatever it may be, a teacher earning tenure, or a coach under investigation. The public deserves to know what is going on around them.


Alcohol should take the backseat to responsibilities

College students have various ways of celebrating events, holidays, and just having fun with friends. However, a recurring theme I have noticed in my four and a half years at Chadron State College is the constant partying and alcohol consumption.