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Letter: Roseanne Keepers-Penor on O’Boyle

Mar. 28, 2012

Thanks for your continued excellent coverage of the ongoing O’Boyle situation.

Coach O’Boyle has moved on and I’m happy for him. However, the injustices done to him cannot be ignored and those responsible must be held accountable…

Where’s the ‘battle buddy’ in your college life?

Mar. 28, 2012

Long ago the military recognized the need for peer support. The term “battle buddy” is often used to describe the individual that will make sure that you get out of bed in the morning, remember all your equipment, and show up on time.

Students suffer from limited building access

Mar. 28, 2012

Using the Nelson Physical Activity Center on the weekends can be a difficult prospect for students. For starters, the facility is open only from 1 p.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. What’s more, the gym is often occupied by other sporting events.

Gov’t security, safety measures destroying the US

Mar. 28, 2012

When our country was in a state of shock after 9/11, we were willing to believe anything and give anything to have a sense of security. We rallied around President Bush, we became bipartisan, and we pressed for new laws to make us safer.

Afghans’ shooting sheds light on war’s stresses

Mar. 21, 2012

Sometimes in life it seems that things go from bad to worse. Take Afghanistan. Not too long ago there was outrage over U.S. forces urinating on enemy corpses. Then some soldiers burned a copy of the Quran, causing even greater outrage.

What is your take on the CSC Student Government?

Mar. 21, 2012

“I don’t know much about it honestly.”

—Abby Gibson,
18, freshman,
Pre-Physical Therapy major,
of Springview

Stop making excuses, be responsible for yourself

Mar. 21, 2012

The CSC faculty and staff have gone to great lengths to provide quality education for students both in and outside the classroom. Although I graduated from a more costly university, I would dare to say that CSC graduates will be superior to higher-cost colleges upon graduation if they take full advantage of additional resources being offered at CSC.

Letter: Bill O’Boyle says thanks

Mar. 21, 2012

I would like to thank everyone for all of their support and kindness these past few months and the entire time our family has called Chadron our home. When I came to Chadron in 1987 as a graduate assistant, I had no intention of staying in this area any longer than what time it would take to finish my master’s degree.

Relative truth is absolute foolishness

Mar. 21, 2012

You wouldn’t believe how many people today live their lives compromising their values in order to avoid conflict with their peers. The compromising I am talking about comes in the form of our definition of what is true in the world both physically and spiritually.

What do you think about Rush Limbaugh’s comments?

Mar. 14, 2012

“I have no idea. I don’t know who that is.”

—Andrea Neal,
19, freshman,
Elementary Education major,
of North Platte