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Violence can be the answer?

Jan. 23, 2013

My oldest son broke down in tears a few weeks ago when he told me that he was being bullied in school. The seven-year-old was powerless and said that attempts to seek help had failed. To complicate matters further, the “go-tell-a-teacher” non-violent approach to bullying being taught in his school contradicts my family’s warrior culture.

What makes a hero

Jan. 23, 2013

For most of the editorial staff, Martin Luther King, Jr. is the hero that inspired us to become journalists.

New text message: pass the salt, lol

Jan. 23, 2013

Lunch and supper have become a traditional place for friends to hang out between classes, or for faculty and staff to take a breather from assigning so much homework and grading tons of papers.

The Lost Legacy of the Pencil Sharpener

Jan. 23, 2013

Look around next time you are in some of the classrooms on campus. Notice something missing?
No, it isn’t that one guy who asks ridiculous, unrelated questions during the lecture.

Video games are not the problem

Jan. 16, 2013

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the outbreak of gun control debates, it seems as though we have taken to pointing fingers. Instead of heavy metal or Dungeons & Dragons; the focus is on video games.

Revoking rights is not the solution

Jan. 16, 2013

The United States was designed as a representative republic; a nation established under a constitution that defines the purpose and limitations of the federal government and the freedoms provided to American citizens.

You can’t waive broke

Jan. 16, 2013

Discussion in the newsroom this week centered on a common complaint. While we admit that the rhetoric is getting stale, we can’t help but be infatuated with the obscure costs that leave you with nothing but lint-lined pockets.

Benediction creates friction

Jan. 16, 2013

Recently, Louis Giglio, the pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Ga., withdrew from an invitation to offer a prayer at President Obama’s inauguration. The reason for his withdrawal was the recent discovery of a sermon preached by Giglio about 15 years ago in which he condemned the act of homosexuality.

“Where do you get your textbooks? Why?”

Jan. 10, 2013

“Amazon. It’s so much cheaper.”

—Eunice Songthangtham,
18, freshman
of Bangkok, Thailand

Lend me your perspective

Jan. 9, 2013

We live on a spinning planet and each revolution marks a new day. After 365 days we complete our trip around the sun, and we begin a new year. This isn’t “astronomy hour” at The Eagle, its a reminder. Now is the occasion for casting away past failures and forging our resolves anew.